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If You’re Planning Two…The Phil & Teds Sport

This week on Kidoinfo we are taking a Walk on the Stroller Side–a week of reviews and great deals.


By Maura Keating

They are ubiquitous. The Phil and Teds Sport is the stroller that you’ve been seeing everywhere. With the launch this year of three additional models to their inline range of strollers, Phil and Teds might take over the world someday soon. If you have two children and you plan to leave the house, then you just can’t do better than Phil and Teds ingenious inline system. Like a bunk bed, the Phil and Teds Sport stacks two kids on one stroller frame for a smaller footprint. Where you can stroll is no longer limited to double wide aisles.

We tested the Phil and Teds Sport with the optional doubles kit. The upper or main seat of the stroller has three positions–from upright to flat making the Phil and Teds a stroller that is suitable from birth. The recline, engineered through a system of zippers and buckles, is a little tricky–especially when Baby has already fallen asleep. To raise the seat again, it is easier to unload kid cargo first. The Phil and Ted’s is designed so that the heavier child must use the upper seat. Our testers had two kids that were of equal weight, enabling their three year old daughter to use the lower seat. A zipper provides a slight recline on the lower seat. Our three year old tester loved the lower seat because she could get in and out of the seat easily by herself. That also enabled our testers to not have to unload the entire carriage if the three year-old wanted to get out while the one year-old was sleeping.  The Sport is a three wheel system that rolls on pneumatic tires with a lockable front wheel. The Sport handles most terrains with ease, only getting hung up on larger cracks in the sidewalk. We found that the Sport actually drove better with two children than as a single stroller. It was easier to maneuver and to lift the Sport up over curbs with the extra weight.

It takes only seconds to transform the Sport into a double stroller. The extra seat clicks into place at the top of the stroller for your newborn addition and into the bottom of the stroller when Baby gets a bit older. When used at the bottom, the Sport’s basket becomes a footrest for the second child. Yes, that means that there is no storage in the Sport when used as a double. Phil and Teds offers an optional pannier bag that hangs off either side for extra storage.

The straps in the five-point harness are easily adjustable–essential in this stroller since you might be playing musical chairs depending on who is riding. The upper sunshade provides fair sun coverage. There is no sunshade for the lower seat, but since you are standing behind the lower child and a stroller is above the lower child, there is minimal sun exposure. I would still recommend hats and sunscreen for both riders. The upper sunshade also provides a flap that opens to an open window to spy on Baby and side vents for better air circulation. The wheels have a mud flap/tire guard that protects the lower rider from mud in the face, but curious hands can still reach the tires. Our three year old tester needed frequent reminders to keep hands inside the ride.

I am not a fan of the brake on the Sport. It is a foot brake, but it is so stiff that I often cannot use it unless I lean over and pull as hard as I can. There have been times that I had to ask strangers for help. Our testers’ solution was to not use the brake at all. With a dog in the mix, this is not an option for us. I would also be worried about loading and unloading multiple children sans brake.

The Sport has a single handle for one handed steering that adjusts easily by pressing two buttons on either side of the handle. The Sport has an easy fold, but you have to read the manual a few times to figure it out. To fold the sport, you must detach the doubles kit. Then, rotate two knobs at the front of the stroller then press the knobs in and the stroller swings forward into an easy collapse. The Sport has a somewhat compact fold. The wheels have a quick release button to make the fold even more compact. Two straps enable you to lock the stroller with or without wheels.

If you have two, then you probably already know all about the Sport. More svelte and nimble than any other double stroller we’ve seen, the Sport enables you to go where only single strollers have gone before. The Sport quickly became the favorite of all of our testers with two or more. If you are planning for two (or more) and especially if you are planning for two that are close in age, then the Sport is the perfect solution–a stroller that grows with your family.

The Details:
The Phil and Teds Sport Buggy Single, $399.95. Sport Doubles Kit, $89.95. To find a Phil and Teds stroller near you, visit the Regal + Lager website.

Will It Fit In My Car?: Folded Dimension: 30″ x 20″ x 9” (wheels off); Stroller Weight: 23 lbs.
Baby Must Be: newborn up to 4 years; Weight limit: 55lbs, single; 88lbs (33lbs in rear), double.
Color Palette: Apple, Black, Red, Navy, Blue Camo, and Pink Camo.

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