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Improvised Beach Games

chocotaco2200.jpgSometime after you’ve had a few dips in the sea and you’ve lost your Kadima ball, but before all of the ice in the cooler has melted, it’s time for improvised beach games. We were blessed to spend a day at the beach with a man who is a gym teacher at an alternative school, so the beach game ideas were especially free flowing! Kidoinfo would love to hear about your favorite beach games—improvised or otherwise! Play at your own risk.

Equipment: beach towel or blanket.
Players: two adults and one kid flyer.
How to: Facing each other across the length of the towel or blanket, the adults hold the corners (see photos). The flyer gets in and is enclosed (full taco) or can peek out (peeking taco). With their best coordination, the adults swing the taco as high as seems reasonable.chocotaco200.jpg

Equipment: 16 stones or shells, and 2 sticks.
Players: two people (any age).
How to: Using 16 stones (or shells), make a 4 x 4 grid. Players take turns drawing a line with their stick between two stones. Whenever a player completes a square (by drawing the fourth line to complete the square), he or she gets to mark their initial in the square. Whichever player has the most squares at the end wins.

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