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Instruments for Kids

iStock_000003277124XSmallHope Arts High School has brought back their instrumental music program. They have about 150 students who need instruments to play in school. If you have an instrument you are not using anymore, you can help put music into the hands of urban students whose families cannot afford to buy their own. Your used instrument may even be worth more as a tax deduction if you donate it to a charity than if you sell it. And the value of giving the gift of music to kids? Priceless.

So far they have received a bass clarinet, a guitar, and a banjo. They need violins, cellos, violas, and basses, and other band instruments.

For more information contact:
Michael L. Werth
Hope Arts High School – 324 Hope Street, Providence, RI
email: michael.werth@ppsd.org
office: (401) 456-9161

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