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It’s a Winter Wonderland outside. Go Sledding!

Wow, what a great to day to play in the snow. Make snow angels in the driveway, have a snowball fight and go sledding.

Here’s our list of Rhode Island spots
(Click here for complete list):

In Providence
– Moses Brown School – 250 Lloyd Avenue, East Side. There is a steep hill on the school’s campus near the corner of Lloyd Avenue and Arlington Street, plus some smaller hills for novice sledders.
– Roger Williams Park (home of Roger Williams Zoo) – 1000 Elmwood Avenue. There are several hills to choose from, including a popular spot near the Temple to Music.
– Neutaconkanut Hill – off Killingly Street near the Johnston town line.

In Lincoln

– Lincoln Woods has big and small hills – enough to please sledders of varying skill levels.
– Chase Farm – 100 Great Road.

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