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Keep kids busy while working from home

Kidoinfo is always looking for new ways parents can work with their kids on important issues such as finances. In this article from BusyKid, you’ll see a link to this app which you can consider for your own use. Kidoinfo does not endorse products but we felt this article contained interesting information for you. 

By BusyKid

If you have been working from home for years, you know how the said setup can be for your productivity. With your entire home to yourself, you have gotten used to working with very few distractions and become more productive than you’ve ever been.

The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has complicated your work-from-home setup a bit. While your company may have continued its operations amid a global pandemic, schools all over the world have shut down, which only means one thing: your kids will be at home 24/7.

Don’t get us wrong: it’s wonderful that parents can now spend more time than ever bonding with their kids. However, for parents who work at home, saying that juggling their corporate and domestic tasks would be difficult would be an understatement.

Kids will always be kids. With all their pent-up energy and no place else to go, expect them to be running around the house and barging into your work area while you’re in the middle of a crucial phone call with a client.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep them occupied, which can help keep interruptions to a minimum.

Give Them Chores

There are plenty of age-appropriate chores that your kids can do to keep them busy. Kids aged 4-5 years old, for example, can already help sort fresh laundry by color, make their bed, or even dust tables and shelves.

Eight-year-old kids, meanwhile, should have no problems watering plants or folding fresh laundry. Pre-teen kids can take out the trash, rake the yard, and do the dishes.

Should you decide to use chores as an opportunity to teach them about money management, giving them an allowance and loading them onto a debit card for kids would be an excellent idea.

Give Them Regulated Screen Time

Most, if not all, kids today are glued to screens big or small, spending an average of 7.5 hours in front of one each day. Given the length of time kids spend in front of a TV or a mobile device, screens will help keep your kids occupied while you work.

However, as a parent, you will need to regulate their screen time just the same. After all, issues like obesity, sleep disorders, and loss of social skills can come with too much screen time.

Limiting screen time to two hours a day would be a good start. It would also be great if the shows they watch are high-quality, informative ones that teach them a thing or two, especially with schools closed.

Encourage Fun, Physical Activities

Channeling kids’ energy towards fun physical activities at home is an excellent way of keeping them busy while you work. Jumping up and down on trampolines or running through an obstacle course in your backyard should make use of all their pent-up energy.

If you don’t have a sizeable outdoor area, there are indoor activities like hula-hooping, ping pong ball catch, or dancing to make them break a sweat.

Of course, somebody has to watch them while they’re engaged in these activities. It could be your partner, an older sibling, or grandparents who can help make sure they don’t hurt themselves.

Get Them To Read

With schools closed, you have to help them catch up on their reading. If you can get them to check out their textbooks from time to time, that would be awesome.

Don’t limit their reading materials to textbooks, though, as they could get boring real fast. Provide them with reading materials that are more fun, like fantasy or young detective books, but make sure they’re appropriate to your child’s age and reading proficiency level before handing them over.

Wake Up The Artist In Them

If your kid loves to draw or paint, he or she would love to have more art supplies. For more musically-inclined children, giving them instruments or signing them up for online voice lessons would help them develop their talent.

By encouraging kids to pursue art while the pandemic keeps them at home, you get to hit two birds with one stone. Your child develops his or her artistry, and they would be so busy practicing they will likely leave you alone while you’re at work in your home office.

Working from home with your kids around may be challenging, but give the tips above a try and see which ones will work best for your situation.

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