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Keeping our Children Safe and Healthy: Some Gender and Sexuality Resources

In recent years, the Gordon School’s professional development and parent education efforts have included a number of reflections on topics related to gender and sexuality. The Different DragonGuest speaker Deborah Roffman has visited Gordon twice to work with parents and to discuss her book Sex and Sensibility. With chapter titles like “Age Appropriateness” and “Keeping our Children Safe and Healthy,” this book is an excellent resource for parents.

Gordon has also been working with Dr. Jennifer Bryan since the fall of 2009 to develop a parent education series that runs throughout the school year. The following resources chosen for the series is a great list for any parent looking for books to educate themselves and to share with their kids on the topic of gender and sexuality.

For all parents:
Dr. Bryan’s From the Dress-Up Corner to the Senior Prom:
Navigating Gender and Sexuality Identity Development in School, from the summer 2010 Independent School magazine

For parents of middle schoolers:
Boys, Sex and the Social Landscape by Elinor Scully
The chapter on gender: Girls Aren’t from Venus… from Deb Roffman’s Sex and Sensibility

For parents of third and fourth graders:
It’s Elementary: Talking about Gay Issues In Schools documentary

For parents of first and second graders:
That’s a Family! documentary

For parents of children in kindergarten, preschool and nursery:
Everywhere Babies (ages 2 and up) by Susan Meyers
Ballarino Nate (ages 4 to 8) by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
And Tango Makes Three (ages 3 to 7) by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell
Oliver Button Is a Sissy (ages 4 to 8) by Tomie dePaola
Rough, Tough Charley (ages 5 to 9) by Verla Kay
The Different Dragon (ages 3 to 8) by Jennifer Bryan

The Gordon School is a racially diverse nursery through eighth grade coeducational independent school in East Providence, Rhode Island.

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