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Kido Adventure: Battleship Cove

Spend the day at Battleship Cove maritime museum. Fun for the whole family!

KidoTEST-approve-100x100location: Battleship Cove — 5 Water Street Fall River, MA
cost: Adults – $17.00. Children aged 6-12 – $10.50. Children under 6 FREE.
helpful hint: Libraries have discount passes for Battleship Cove
good for: All ages, but best for kids ages 6 and up

The kids and our family friends spent an afternoon at Battleship Cove recently. We explored the Battleships and took a spin on the Fall River Carousel. It was an awesome fun filled day that included a history lesson. I felt kind of bad because my husband is the History buff and he loves World War II but he was working. Maybe next time Dad.

DSC_1179 DSC_1198Battleship Cove is a maritime museum that sits in the Fall River Harbor and is home to the USS Massachusetts, USS Joseph Kennedy JR, USS Lionfish, PT Boats and Hiddensee. The ships sit under the Braga Bridge. All the vessels served in World War II and are open for everyone to discover.

Pulling up to the parking lot all you see are these larger than life Navy ships. The kids were in awe at the massive size of them all.  I think I heard, “Mom, can I go on that one, and that one and that one too” at least ten times by my middle child.

When you enter the museum on the right hand side you will see a helicopter and an airplane that was flown in World War II along with other military weaponry.

The kids all made a beeline to the first ship.  They had so much excitement just waiting to get into that ship and see what they could discover. One of the first things they noticed was the ENORMOUS cannons.

DSC_1149Of course, as they were aboard the ships I tried to sound educated using words like port, starboard and mast. I am not sure if I was successful at sounding sea savvy.  DSC_1146The kids had a blast climbing through everything. There were secret hideaways to sneak into and narrow hallways that never seemed to end. I have to admit we got lost for a little bit. You laugh but the USS Massachusetts is HUGE!

We really wanted the kids to get the full experience of what life would be like for the seamen. We had them lay down in the tiny little cots that served as beds. They got to take a peek into the kitchen areas and the tiny bathrooms. The submarine is too much of a confined space for my comfort ability not to mention it’s underwater. The thought of being closed into a tight space under the sea is frightening to me.

If your child loves ships this is a fantastic place to bring them. It’s even better if there is a history buff in the family to share quality time together. I would say it’s much more meaningful for a child who can read because there are a lot of exhibits on the ships.

It was a lot of up and down narrow and steep ladders so I do not recommend it to very small children.

photo credit: Nicole Estrella

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