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Kidoinfo Beach Cleanup with Save The Bay a big success!

By Susan Gale

Kidoinfo parents and kids along with North Kingstown residents made our first volunteer beach cleanup a huge success!

As part of Save The Bay’s annual International Coastal Cleanup day on September 21, 2019, we collected more than 9 pounds of trash at the North Kingstown Town Beach. Forty-two adults and kids scoured the sand and grass area nearby for all kinds of trash.

It was a beautiful day with a big blue sky and sparkling water. Half of the participants were kids, including a local Brownie troop. It was wonderful to see the kids running around, taking care of our Earth and learning. Everyone left the event feeling good about what they had completed.

Even though we had a pretty clean beach to start with, check out these statistics on the type of trash we collected the most:

  • Cigarette butts: 311
  • Plastic pieces: 245
  • Food wrappers: 120

Here are some other interesting statistics on trash collected:

  • Glass Pieces: 36
  • Straws and stirrers: 32
  • Plastic/foam packaging: 25
  • Plastic bags: 19
  • Strapping bands used in packaging: 12

If you missed out, don’t worry because Kidoinfo will be sponsoring another cleanup site next September 2020! Below are photos from our cleanup.

I’d like to thank my parents, Bill and Peggy Gale, and my partner, Lisa, for working so hard with me to make this cleanup a success!

kids at beach cleanup
child at beach clean up
family at beach cleanup
teens at beach cleanup
family at beach clean up
teens at beach cleanup
Kids at beach cleanup

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