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Kidoinfo-Fairy House

Kidoinfo presents Fairy Houses at Providence Children’s Museum

Fairy Houses at Providence Children’s Museum       
Saturday, May 3 and Sunday, May 4 – 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Providence Children’s Museum invites kids and families to craft imaginative fairy houses during a special weekend activity presented in partnership with Kidoinfo. Children use a variety of natural and found materials to create whimsical dwellings for fairy friends.

Activity is free with Museum admission of $9.00 per person; free for Museum members.

Try it at home and have some fairy fun of your own!

April2014-FairyHouse What You Do:

1. Find a spot. You can create a fairy house or gnome home anywhere: woods, beach, park, meadow, your backyard — even indoors! Good spaces are in the roots of a tree, by a big rock, or inside a cardboard box. See what spot inspires you to build a miniature dwelling for a hidden fairy, gnome or even a little mouse.

2. Gather materials. Collect enchanting materials and natural treasures that catch your eye, such as twigs, bark, grass, leaves, flower petals, stones, shells, pine needles, pinecones, acorns and moss. Of course a woodland elf would have a home made of different objects than an ocean fairy!

3. Build. Use string to hold your house together, or balance rocks on top of one other like blocks. Maybe poke sticks into the ground and lean them against each other to hold the walls and roof in place.

4. Decorate your house. Create curtains from leaves or a fence out of stones. Make furniture or a fireplace. Add whatever you think a fairy friend would like.


Things To Try:

  • Try making a whole fairy village!
  • Make your own fairies from your found objects and some fabric.
  • Think about what life would be like for the little creatures in your dwellings. Write stories about fairies and gnomes or look for books about them, such as the Fairy House series by Tracy Kane.
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