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Kidoinfo Presents: Parents Using Social Media

I launched Kidoinfo over two years ago to connect parents with information; to their kids, to other parents, to their community. As a new parent I wanted to learn about what was available in terms of events, ideas, coping strategies, and resources, and I wanted a way to share this information with others. I have learned a great deal over the years – and think I am a better mother as a result – thanks to advice from friends and parents I barely know. Now my boys are 8 years old and although I am long done with diapers and night feedings, I am still discovering great things available for families in Rhode Island and the connections I make with other parents are essential and meaningful to me.  Although Kidoinfo is a website, a blog, and a weekly email, these are only the tools that help us to engage in real life with our kids and our community.

Continuing on this path, I have decided to initiate a series of networking and educational events called KidoConversations, which will address a range of topics on how online and offline resources can benefit our life and business while helping to foster deeper community connections. I am excited to introduce this new means for connecting with other parents, readers, colleagues, and friends.PanelistsPanelists Parents Using Social Media
The first in this series, “Parents Using Social Media,” features a panel discussion moderated by Mary-Kim Arnold, the executive director of the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities. Mary-Kim_ModeratorThe panel includes four local-area parents who use social media in a variety of ways, some socially, others for business, and often for both. This event will provide a unique opportunity to interact with these experts in parenting and business in a question and answer discussion. In addition, the panelists will share their favorite online resources in a special handout, “Parents’ Guide to Social Media.”

February 9, 2010, from 6:30 – 8:30pm
Bravo Brasserie – 123 Empire Street, Providence, RI
Tickets:$15 (includes appetizers). Cash bar.

Click here for more details.

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  • What an innovative idea! I just love it! Unfortunately I will be away but otherwise I would have been the first to sign up. I will post it on my FB page.

  • This is truly a brilliant idea on your part and we are sure that it will be well received and lead to similar events in the future. ‘Way to go’.

    Your fans,
    Hildy and Rich