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Kidoinfo Writer Meetup


The Kidoinfo family has certainly grown over the last year and there are now over twelve regular contributing writers. Our computers, Wi-Fi, and email allow us all to work virtually anywhere and anytime–especially helpful if juggling multiple jobs, childcare or sick kids. The downside is since we don’t need to see each other to get our articles written and posted on the Kido blog, we often don’t see each other. I am a big believer in face time and connecting offline–and although I love my computer and use it quite a bit–I decided it was time to meetup in person with the other Kidoinfo writers.

We met at Jake’s in the jewelry district, conveniently located for people driving from all parts of the state and a groovy place to have food and drink inside with a great jukebox or outside on the patio. They have free Wi-Fi as well in case you need it. What a blast. People met for the first time, found out more about each other, decided on ways we can all stay in touch, shared ideas about future stories and more.

Kidoinfo writer meetup (pictured above L to R, except for Martha Iachetta (thinking mom) who had not arrived yet): Jill Davidson (education), Maura Keating (product reviews), Michelle Riggen-Ransom (nature/nurture), Anisa Raoof (publisher), Erin Goodman (it’s a date), Nancy King (editor), Marianne Ruggiero (risd artplay), Katy Killilea (grocery news, food, general), Jaci Arnone (general)

Kidoinfo SnacksKidoinfo Money For The Jukebox

Snacks and dollars for the jukebox–since it was so nice outside we decided to save our dollars for the next Kidoinfo meetup.

Other Kidoinfo contributors who were not able to attend: Mark Binder (story of the month), Megan Fischer (providence children’s museum), Adam Darowski (general), Geoff Griffin (general), Hope Foley (audubon society), Katie Mulligan (nutrition), Christina Mitchell (pediatrician), Melissa Brusso (sports mom), Jen Morin and Kirsten DiChiappari (wellness).

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  • I loved meeting everyone at Jake’s, finally putting faces to names. One of the things you might now know is that Anisa is really half of ARTplay. Although I write the text, she comes up with the great graphic design, including layout, drawings, templates. She’s a great (modest) talent!

  • Thanks to Anisa for the great evening! I really appreciate what Anisa has got going here with kidoinfo and am thrilled to be a part of it. Plus, she never gets too mad when stuff is late! Wahoo, best editor ever!

    Congratulations, Anisa. Here’s to many more fun get-togethers, happy writers and good stories.