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Kids at the Farmer’s Market

Heading to the Farmer’s Market with kids is fun, sure, but sometimes the little chickens could use a kick of extra motivation. I feel like I have read a zillion farmer’s market books; regardless these two caught my eye.

Mix-and-match Deep-dish fruit desserts from At the Farmer's Market with Kids
Mix-and-match Deep-dish fruit desserts from At the Farmer’s Market with Kids

At the Farmer’s Market with Kids is a book filled with recipes for delicious food kids can make themselves, or with a some help from a parent. The recipes are organized by season, so your group can get all psyched up to find ingredients before you head out to the market. These aren’t just regular old kid-cookbook stand-bys like fruit kebobs. Fun recipes for raisins, ketchup, almond milk, and blackberry T-shirt dye are all here, in addition to kid favorites like mix-and-match pesto and fruit cobblers. Fun and yum!

That chubby strawberry is the bag!
That chubby strawberry is the shopping bag!

Let’s Go to the Farmer’s Market is an adorably packaged kit, practically begging to be a birthday present for the spring- and summer-born. It includes fruit and vegetable info cards (grapes and tomatoes are technically berries–your young Cliff Clavins will be informing everyone they meet), a sweet little pad of grocery list paper, a booklet about what your local farmers might be offering, and perhaps the most cunning shopping bag the market will ever see. It folds up into itself to make a fat, red strawberry. Unfolded, it is a full-size grocery bag that parents will most likely swipe for themselves. The set manages to be super-cute without being twee, and will get any young child eager for the weekly shop.

The details:

At the Farmer’s Market with Kids
by Leslie Jonath and Ethel Brennan
2012 Chronicle Books $23

Let’s Go to the Farmer’s Market
2012 Chronicle Books $15

Editor’s note: Chronicle Books sends review copies for our consideration. Kidoinfo never accepts payment for reviews and only runs reviews of things we’ve tried and liked!

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