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Kids Craft at Kreatelier

I have been running craftshops for kids at Kreatelier since the store opened last November. Line and Pernilla, co-owners of Kreatelier, have designed a beautiful space for people of all ages to come together to make, buy, or talk about art.

Crafty classes (offered for kids and adults) are taught by a variety of artists in sewing, collage, bookmaking, weaving, and more. One of the craftshops I offer is Shrinky Dinks. The most recent class was filmed by David DelPoio for StimulusTimes.com. Check it out below.

The new spring/summer schedule will be out soon and will include classes all summer long for kids and adults and two back-to-school camps in August. Classes can also be created with four or more kids. Kreatelier is a terrific place to have your child’s birthday party.

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  • did you once mention that berry boxes can be used as shrinky dink material? this is a great video! and such a cool project.