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Knock Your Socks On

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By Maura Keating

Whether you are a new parent or you are looking for a great baby gift — listen up. Trumpette socks. These are the best socks ever because they actually stay on a baby’s feet. My son’s feet were like adorable malformed trapezoids, hardly better than stumps (adorable stumps). We got plenty of cute tiny socks as presents in the baby shower circus that preceded my son’s birth, but none worked. They fell off in my house and they disappeared when we went out. After the first week, I could never find a matching pair. That is, until my chic cousin came to the rescue with one of the best baby gifts we got.

The Trumpette socks are sold individually or packaged in a box set of 6 pairs of rainbow colors — enough to take you through ’til Laundry Day. The price may seem a little steep for socks but for the stress they will save you and the length of time that they will last, the investment is entirely worth it. The colors and patterns are fun and cute — from dots and stripes to colorful camouflage to bright animal prints and more. The socks are so cute that they often make an outfit cuter than it might be otherwise. After a year full of washing, our collection of socks still looked great and fit my son well until his feet simply outgrew them. Not so for the other socks that got lost or disintegrated long ago. The fabric is a blend of cotton (80%) and nylon (17%) with some added stretch (3% spandex) so that the socks fit, with no red marks, whether your kid is zero or 12 months. The sock bottoms are skid resistant for beginning crawlers, scooters, and walkers. The company also makes toddler socks that fit bigger feet — from one to two years. I only wish that Trumpette made longer socks that came up to the knee for the winter months. Since they are based in California, I will forgive them this oversight and hope that they come out with size 24 – 36 months knee socks in time for next winter.

The Details:
Trumpette Socks. Sizes 0 -12 months and 12 – 24 months.

Available online at Trumpette.com and locally at:
Mod Mama
16 South Angell Street, Providence. 401-273-7800

Bellani Maternity
1276 Bald Hill Road, Warwick, RI. 401-234-1279

Madre Bella Maternity
1 Waseca Ave Barrington RI. 401-247-0122

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