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Last minute festive decor


If your house is anything like ours, decorations of a seasonal nature are fairly low key this year.  A combination of a tornado-like toddler and a bustling schedule have meant that yet again all good intentions to create something crafty, have fallen by the wayside.  I really wanted to try a few, easy crafty creations with my 6 year old but am feeling like a trip to a store for supplies is one more thing for the over-packed to do list. So, after some seasonal surfing, here are a few last minute, relatively quick and don’t panic- you’ve already got the supplies at home, festive decorating ideas.

Easy garlands can be made out of any paper.  Even if you’ve only got printer paper left, get out the crayons and let loose with some color. They can be strung on walls, trees, inside, outside, at the ends of beds and up staircases.

Stringing foods such as cranberries, popcorn and orange is another lovely way to make a garland that also smells delicious (and the birds will love the garland after you are done).

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Pomanders can be made with oranges and cloves. Make small holes using a knitting needle or skewer and children can stick cloves into the orange.  We love making these – easy, can be finished in 3 cloves and the smell – mmmm!


Hand, Finger and Foot printing can be made into an assortment of festive delights.  Using a hand/foot and some paint or an ink pad, all ages of children can create mistletoe, snowmen, reindeer and Christmas Trees. These also make great teacher gifts, holiday cards and thank you cards.

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Wreaths.  Don’t know about you, but the wreath adorning our door has seen better days.  And yet, year after year out it gets dusted off with false hopes to replace it. Here are a few ideas for last minute wreaths that do not involve a glue gun, countless hours and patience – most of which are either non-existent or in short supply at this time of year (certainly in our house). A paper plate with the center cut out can be a great starting place here. Stick on handprints, tissue paper or color in green and stick on whatever you have – ribbon, sequins, pom-poms etc

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