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By Maura Keating

Clutter. It’s always been there, but the word took on a whole new meaning with a baby. It is incredible how many accessories arrive with one small child. I was ready for the fact that our living room would not look chic again for 18 years, but I was not prepared for the number of bottles, nipples, caps, breast-pump accessories, pacifiers, and toys that exploded across our kitchen counter. We have a tiny kitchen and an open floor plan. I love my open kitchen when I’m mingling with guests at a dinner party while cooking. I hate my open kitchen when my view from the living room consists of bottle paraphernalia cascading from the counters. The mess was making it nearly impossible to find what I needed (and I always need it in a hurry), and rarely would the items dry on our standard drying rack. I looked at bottle racks in the big baby store, but they were so big and so ugly that they seemed to add to the problem instead of solving it. It was a relief when my mom came to the rescue with the gift of the Skip Hop Splash Bottle Drying Rack.

In white, blue, or red, the Splash Bottle Drying Rack looks great on the counter — even piled with bottles and their accoutrements. The Splash has a circular design that looks like a drop of water exploding onto your counter top. (Ironic, since this drying rack makes sure that your counter stays dry.) Moreover, the Splash Drying Rack helps to organize all of baby’s accessories. There are long arms for bottles (breast shields also fit), and shorter arms for nipples and all of the smaller parts of the breast pump, sippy cups, pacifiers, teething toys, and whatever else needs drying–and with a baby, you’d be amazed at what needs drying. Lastly, there is a bottom drip tray that catches all of the water (or still more accessories) and screws off for easy cleaning. I should note that we breastfeed and use bottles only part-time. I’m not sure if this rack would be large enough for a family using more bottles, unless you are cleaning pretty frequently.

There is a matching brush that fits and drains in the middle of the rack. The brush works great on bottles. The brush has two sets of stiff bristles and a flexible head–perfect for scrubbing the bottom of the bottle where liquid congeals. I use another brush that I purchased before we got the Splash Rack for other accessories. The flexibility of the brush and the oblong shape that make it so perfect for cleaning those hard-to-clean bottles make it less than ideal for other items, especially nipples.

The plastic rack makes it easy to clean if you ever have a time when it isn’t loaded with items. It’s even dishwasher safe. Now that we’re off bottles, we still use the Splash Bottle Drying Rack for sippy cups and the miscellaneous toys that need cleaning. It is nice to have my son’s accessories separate from our own. It makes it easier to find them and I feel like they stay cleaner. Plus, I like seeing it on my counter and that’s what really matters to me and my open kitchen.

The Details: Skip Hop Splash Bottle Drying Rack costs $28 and comes in white, poppy, and marine. Store locator and online shop at skiphop.com

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