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Learn All About It’s Top 10 List of Best Toys

I asked Jeff Dronzek from Learn All About It Toys in Warwick, Rhode Island to put together a list of some of his favorite children’s toys. Toys are sorted by type along with price and appropriate ages. If you have a favorite toy, please add it in the comments below.


  • Erudition. Learn Sight Words as you try to get to the library first by earning bonus rolls for sight word recognition. $24.99. 4 different levels for ages 3-8.
  • Zingo 123. Players match numbered tiles to images on their cards. The first one to fill their card wins. The cards are double-sided with number recognition on one side and addition on the other. $19.99. Ages 4+
  • Morphology. The game where creativity wins.  Draw a card, use the shapes & pieces to form the word, let your teammates guess within the allotted time. If they get it correct, you move ahead. $34.99. Ages 13+


  • Zoob. Zoob is a building set with a difference. The pieces move after you put them together. It is open ended, easy to use and versatile. Additional styles available; Zoob Exress Jr, ZoobBot, ZoobDude and more. Styles vary from $14.99-$34.99. Ages 3+ for Jr. And 6+ for regular.
  • Magna-Tiles. 32pc. Clear Set. Utilize creative thinking, imagination and even basic geometry to build anything you want. Internal magnets link all of the pieces together. Magna-Tiles allow you to take flat objects and turn them into 3-D models. $49.99. Ages 3+. 100pc set also available.


  • Recycled Cardboard Dollhouse. Decorate the house of your dreams. This classic play pattern will provide hours and hours of imaginative fun! The sturdy corrugate dollhouse measures 21″ x 17 1/4″ x 9″. It comes complete with markers, sticker accessories, punch out dolls and easy to assemble furniture. $29.99. Ages 5+
  • Knot-A-Lot. Knot a cool hat, scarf, and shoulder bag.  No knitting, just knotting. Includes fleece, flowers, fringe, lacing and easy instructions. $29.99. Ages 6+
  • Drift Cars Street Team. Just pull back these street racers and then get ready for some fast and furious fun. Stunt cars are designed to drift, spin and race across almost any smooth surface. 6 cars are included. Customize your fleet with paint and cool metallic stickers $24.99. Ages 5+


  • Remote Control Machines. Build your own motorized vehicles and machines and control them with a wireless remote control unit. Assemble ten models demonstrating different ways in which the motors can work. This kit comes with three motors, remote control unit, battery holder, and building blocks. Build a bulldozer, car, three-wheeler, crane, antique car, plow and more. $64.99. Ages 8+


  • Green Toys. 100% Recycled, Made in the USA, no BPA, PVC, or phthalates. Firetrucks, Dump Trucks, Blocks, Stackers and more! $14.99-$24.99 Ages 1+
  • Playmobil 123 Large Zoo. Start your own zoo with two enclosures for the animals and a trailer that can be removed from the tractor. $44.99.  Ages 18mos.+    Large Farm also available.

Jeff and Jen Dronzek, Owners of Learn All About It Toys in Warwick, RI (Cowesett Corners Shopping Center).

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  • Great list and happy to see that the gift I bought my godson (Zoobs) is on here!

    And I would like to add Think It Ink It Publishing – professionally illustrated wordless picture books, kids write the stories and become authors. It’s great as a fun and educational “toy” for so many different ages!

  • Good suggestions, Jeanine! I like open-ended toys like blocks (I love our tree blocks) and play silks, and all three of my kids enjoy Legos. I also like when Santa leaves my kids paper, tape, and other art supplies. 😉

  • One of my favorites is a set of binoculars along with a Peterson’s First Guide to Birds. You can even give a bird feeder and really spark a kid’s inner bird nerd!

    I also like nature journals, bubbles, rocket balloons, cameras, and just about anything that gets them outside on a cold, winter’s day!