Level3 & Dilly Dilly at the Barrington Library

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Level3, the band in Hilary Weisman Graham’s new Young Adult novel, “Reunited,” is on a pretend tour from Boston to Austin this summer; non-fictional indie rock star Dilly Dilly performs. Come to the Barrington Public Library this Friday for live music, free MP3s from the bands, free chapters from the book, a photo op inside Level3’s tour van: for very meta entertainment.

Details: FRIDAY, JULY 20, 3 p.m., Barrington Public Library, 281 County Road, Barrington. Free.   

A fictional band comes to life, an indie-girl with guitar, and a new YA novel: a recipe for post-modern fun on a Friday afternoon.

The teen boy band Level3, who reunite for a tour in Hilary Weisman Graham’s new novel, have been “brought to life” by publisher Simon & Schuster for a summer tour.

Indie rocker Dilly Dilly, who is “opening shows” on the Level3 tour, grew up in Maine and started making music as a bassist.  A solo singer-songwriter since 2005, she is now a multi-instrumentalist — ukulele!  guitar!  trumpet!  toy instruments galore! And it’s her job to entertain while explaining the absence of the imaginary headliner.

“I like the fact that it features an indie rock band and a novel,” said Barrington Teen Room Librarian Bri Johnson, who booked the event. “It’s entertainment, it’s memorable, it’s fun – and the whole idea grew out of a story about teenagers.

“I think the best library programs revolve around stories,” she said. “It’s fun to find new ways to do that.”

Weisman Graham’s book centers on the three former ex-best friends who travel 2,000 miles to attend a Level3 reunion concert.

“When you see boy bands like One Direction created by stylists and publicists, it suddenly becomes quite possible to create one of your very own,” said Weisman Graham, who helped some musician friends create Level3’s “hits.”

On a more local level, Johnson said, “Connection is what libraries are all about. Some people know that about us, some people still don’t. The truth is, the library is as open as a place can be, and that’s a welcome thing in a society with a lot of closed doors.”

“I have a sign beside my desk that says ‘We’re happy to have you here.’ That’s what I want kids to know.”

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