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Lickably Clean: Dapple Toy Cleaner

Reviewed by Katy Killilea

Dapple ToyWhich scenario is worse?

A. Child #1 sneezes on a Duplo block and leaves. Child #2 comes along and sucks on the sneezed-upon block.

B. The blocks have all been cleaned with a hardcore disinfectant. A baby crawls over and starts chewing on them.

Both scenarios give me the heebie-jeebies, but the idea of a child ingesting traces of Formula 409 particularly gets under my skin. If you would similarly be more freaked out by “B,” you will love Dapple Toy Cleaner Spray.

Dapple was created by moms who didn’t like seeing their kids play with objects coated in toxic cleaning chemicals OR another child’s mucus. These cleaning products are intentionally not antibacterial. Instead they work like soap and water–cleaning that’s thorough but mild-mannered. The toy cleaner works beautifully on toys, of course, and also on countertops and the insides of lunchboxes. It would be ideal for cleaning a highchair tray, or any hard surface that your child is likely to lick. The scent is mild and wonderful, like a baby fresh from the tub.

The toy cleaner is available in the aforementioned spray bottle as well as in the popular “wipes” format. The wipes come in a canister or travel pack. So you can discreetly decontaminate the plastic bears at the Children’s Museum after someone else’s crusty-nosed imp has had his way with them.

Let’s get this straight: it’s cold season and there’s no way to avoid all germ transmission. But if you’re going to try, you might as well use a product that doesn’t add another layer of worry to your day.

The details:
For more information, go to dapplebaby.com or call 888-DAPPLE-1
These products cost $5-$7 each and are available online.
Orders by the case are taken at the manufacturer’s site, dapple.com.
To buy in smaller quantities, go to diapers.com.

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