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Listen To Your Mother! 14 Local Moms Share their Stories on May 4 at the Providence Public Library

By Laura Rossi and Carla Molina

“How wonderful to wrap
their words around my words,
struggles alongside mine,
another mother’s hopes
and fears
twined round my heart–”
-Marian Kent, poet & 2013 Listen To Your Mother: Providence cast member

Did you ever listen to your mother? Were your conversations about breasts, childbirth or rear ends? Perhaps about reading, love letters, musical talent or poetry?

Well, if your mom talks weren’t so exciting or perhaps they were, you can relive them this May 4th at Providence’s first ever Listen To Your Mother show. Fourteen talented writers will take the stage to read their original stories about motherhood.

Providence Director and Producer team Laura Rossi and Carla Molina
Providence Director and Producer team Laura Rossi and Carla Molina

This year’s cast is comprised of fourteen mothers each with something poignant to say about the journey of motherhood. Some are mothers of twins, some have children with special needs, some have babies, some have older kids, some have only children–each of them has a story. Like cast member Marian Kent so eloquently states in the quote above (from a longer poem you can find here link: http://www.runawaysentence.com/2013/04/and-this-is-only-rehearsal.html) it’s about finding ourselves, recognizing our journey, our struggle, our joy in someone else’s story.

PrintListen To Your Mother is about putting the beautiful journey of motherhood center stage. It ain’t easy but it’s the most worthwhile roller coaster ride there is.

Providence’s production is part of a larger national series of shows taking place in 24 cities. Produced by two local mothers, the Providence show is also the only one in all of New England. It is a wonderful way to celebrate motherhood this Mother’s Day season. You will laugh, cry and have your heart touched by the amazing stories that will be shared.

Grab the ones you love, especially the people who have mothered you in some way, and get your tickets here for Saturday May 4th at 2pm at the Providence Public Library for the first ever Listen To Your Mother: Providence!

Wishing the cast and crew all the best on the performance! – Anisa


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