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Local company Edesia Wins $2 Million USAID Grant to Prevent Malnutrition

Plumpy'doz from EdesiaGood things happening in Providence and beyond. Edesia, a non-profit producer of life-saving Ready-to-Use Foods (RUFs), is the recipient of a $2 million multi-year grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Under the grant, Edesia will produce more than 300 metric tons of Nutributter® in 2010 designed to enhance the growth and motor development of children aged 6 to 24 months and used as a complement to traditional food. The packets will ensure the proper growth and cognitive development of more than 100,000 children by preventing the devastating effects of malnutrition. The grant was awarded through USAID’s Office of Food for Peace through the International Food Relief Partnership (IFRP) program.

Ready-to-Use Foods (RUFs) are important in developing countries because they do not need to be refrigerated or mixed with water. Children can open it and eat it directly. In addition to producing Nutributter® Edesia makes other RUF’s including Plumpy’nut® made with peanuts, sugar, milk powder, oils, vitamins and minerals and has all the essential fats, proteins and nutrients that a child need to overcome malnutrition and develop.Mother-and-Child

“Malnutrition affects 178 million children and results in more than five million child deaths each year. With Nutributter® and other RUFs, we now have a solution that addresses this silent crisis and allows us to take action during the most critical time in children’s lives,” said Navyn Salem, Executive Director of Edesia.


Edesia is a new non-profit based in Providence, RI, and a sister organization to Industrial Revelation in Tanzania. Edesia is dedicated to U.S. production of Plumpy’nut® and other Ready-to-Use Foods (RUFs) designed to prevent and treat malnutrition in the developing world. Edesia will collaborate on nutrition research as well as support local producers of RUF in countries most affected by malnutrition.To learn more about Edesia go to www.edesiallc.org.

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