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Local Joe’s Backyard Band Rocks!

Joes Backyard Band make music on kid o info

I first heard about Joe’s Backyard Band about a year ago when they started playing regularly at the William Hall Library and Central Library in Cranston. Since then Joe and his wife, Emily, have kept me and the Kidoinfo community informed of their growing number of public shows at venues including AS220, Pawtuxet Park, and the Providence Children’s Museum.

Over a year later, I finally got a chance to hear them perform in person at none other than a friend’s backyard party–how ideal. Despite the sweltering heat, Joe’s Backyard Band jammed for two hours, playing a wide variety of mostly ‘rootsy’ music that was fabulous for all ages (think the Beatles and Dan Zanes, not Raffie). Their set list runs from traditional tunes, like “Hop Up Ladies” and “Polly Wolly Doodle,” to folk, a little of The Dead, The Monkees, The Meters, Chuck Berry, Hank Williams, and Buddy Holly, plus a bit of the Beatles and Bob Marley.

Joes Backyard Band on kid o info

The Backyard Band is based in Edgewood, just south of Providence. Band members include: Joe Grady (guitar and vocals), Jessica Moroney (guitar and vocals), Emily Finn Grady (vocals and percussion), Malinda Cox (sax and recorder), Ray Memery (guitar), Bob Nemitz (bass), Kerry Joyce (harmonica), and Ed Hardy (drums and mandolin).

At Kidoinfo we love music, finding creative ways to spend time with our kids, and supporting local talent. Joe’s Backyard Band will be playing this Saturday, October 18 at AS220 in Providence. Hope you have a chance to catch them live at this event, at another public appearance, or call to book them for a private event…and don’t forget your dancing shoes.

In the meantime read the Kidoinfo interview, Meet Joe Grady and listen to the band sing.
Click to hear Mystery Train. Click to hear Secret Agent Man

The details about their upcoming show:
AS220, Empire Street, Providence
Saturday, October 18, 4pm — 6pm
Cost: Adults – $5, children are free.

Photo Credit: Rob Riggen

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