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Local podcast for parents

Non-profit Fireborn Institute provides episodes with practical strategies for helping kids.

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A locally-based podcast is available for parents: The Happy Student Podcast by the Fireborn Institute.

According to the Institute, this is a podcast for parents on “promoting happy academic and social lives,” for their children. Each week, in short episodes, parents learn practical strategies to help their children conquer a messy backpack, write a hard essay, develop empathy and stand up to bullies, and more.

A podcast is audio content on a website that can be transferred onto an audio player, such as an iPod or other MP3 player. Episodes can then be listened to while in the car, at the gym, or waiting in line.

Recent episodes on The Happy Student Podcast include: Math Games for Young Kids; Finding the Right Summer Camp; and Standing up to Bullies.

The Happy Student Podcast is hosted by Katherine Firestone. She is the founder of the Fireborn Institute, which is a non-profit that provides parents with clear, practical, and easy-to-remember strategies to help their children thrive in school (both socially and academically).

Go to the website to listen or find and subscribe to The Happy Student on Apple PodcastsGooglePlay Music, and Podomatic.