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ducky125w.jpgLooking for a playground in Providence? Want to have a picnic in Bristol? Check out the new Kidoinfo Parks + Playgrounds guide. Where is the closest toy store? How about a list of preschools? Our Resource section is brimming with information about Shopping, Education and Childcare and many more resources to follow. Kidoinfo makes it easy to find what you need. Tell your friends. Visit often.

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  • If you check our Resources section we have an area we are developing called Baby. We are right now in the process of starting a parent message board. You will be able to communicate with other parents and there will be a topic area specifically for starting new moms groups. It will launch soon. Check back!

    You can visit our website to see our new daily posts. You can also sign up for rss feed, daily email, and get our weekly picks emailed every Thursday! -Anisa

  • I like this website a lot. The calendar is great!

    I would like to see a link just for babies and their parents. It would also be nice to have a spot for moms to communicate to each other and start mommmy groups.