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Lots to do virtually at the Providence Athenaeum

Below is the newsletter recently sent out by the Providence Athenaeum of things to do.

Take a look out your window – isn’t that May coming up the street? Well, it’s about time!

May is an especially hopeful month with buds budding, grass greening, and nests being built. It begins with one of my favorite holidays: May Day! The Children’s Library has long held this day dear, in memory of the wonderful Aunt Ted Davis who favored her nieces and nephews with great books and organized junior theatricals with them. She also took great pleasure in delivering secret May Baskets to her friends and family every year on May Day. Aunt Ted was so special that her family dedicated a corner of the Children’s Library to her.

These days, this corner is where I set up the seasonal decorations and book displays. So the next time we are all together again, take a peek at Aunt Ted’s corner.

Finally, MAYbe you would like to make a May Basket or two and (observing social distancing) hang them on the doors of your friends. It’s the best way to begin the hopeful month of May!

Lindsay Shaw
Children’s Librarian

P.S. I hope you saw some exciting announcements in Wednesday’s enews! We’re starting up curbside pickup next week (details to follow), and we have some great programs on the horizon.

Membership notes and hoopla

All fines are waived and due dates are indefinitely extended. No need to return items while we’re closed.

If you need your library ID number to sign into hoopla, please email membership@provath.org. Hoopla is basically Netflix for libraries, but with more kinds of stuff! They’ve got eBooks, TV shows, music, movies, and a fantastic collection of audiobooks – all of which can be streamed to your phone, computer, or smart TV. We’ve doubled the check-out limit during this time to 12 items per month, so make sure to explore the service! Hoopla instructions can be found here.

Hoopla is also offering some bonus borrows that don’t count against your checkout total! Just look for bonus borrows listed as a category when browsing (like this for movies).




Keeping in touch

We are still interested in your “While at Home Poems,” so please send them my way! And don’t forget to honor your favorite fluffy stuffy! Send me their picture, and we will post it in the Owlet!

Need book suggestions or some reference assistance during the weeks to come? Feel free to call me (Lindsay) at 401-421-6970 x17 or email lshaw@prova

Things to read

How about catching up on some Newbery Award-winning children’s classics? Some particular favorites on hoopla include Walk Two Moons, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, The Graveyard Book, and Miracles on Maple Hill. (ages 9+)

Who doesn’t love Inky the Octopus and his mischief? (ages 5+) HOOPLA

For a sweet look at who makes their homes in our backyards, try Up in the Garden, Down in the Dirt. (ages 3+) HOOPLA

Dianna Hutts Aston’s lusciously illustrated nature books are great for rainy days. (ages 3+) HOOPLA

Birdsong is a quiet, lyrical book about the power of intergenerational friendships. (ages 7+) HOOPLA

The Boy from Tomorrow is a mysterious tale of friends who live in different times. Psst! It was also written by one of our members! HOOPLA



Things to watch / Listen to

For lovers of The Secret Garden, enjoy the classic Shirley Temple adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic A Little Princess. (ages 7+) HOOPLA

Tune in to listen to local storyteller Len Cabral LIVE on Wednesdays and Fridays at 2pm. FACEBOOK

B.D. Wong reads the classic Beverly Cleary novel The Mouse and the Motorcycle filled with fast paced fun and adventure! Good news…it’s the first in a series of three! (ages 7+) HOOPLA

For little fairies (and their parents!) looking for some soothing sounds, give David Arkenstone’s The Fairy Garden a listen. (all ages) HOOPLA

If you are dreaming about summer adventures, take inspiration from former PCFF film Swallows and Amazons. (ages 9+) HOOPLA

Check out Booklinks, a special page of podcast links for all ages.

Things to do 

Jump rope is good exercise and great fun. Learn these jump rope rhymes.

Trip Savvy connects families to some great virtual children’s museums many with interactive activities.

How to Do String Figures– a low tech game with high entertainment value.

If you’re caught up in the baking craze, how about trying some magical recipes from The Wizard’s Dessert Cookbook? (ages 9+) HOOPLA

You’d better not ‘dog-ear’ your library books! Learn how to make cute monster bookmarks.

Explore, color, and connect with libraries and their collections with these free coloring sheets.

Hello from Winnie-the-Pooh!

Do you have a special stuffed animal friend that you would like to share virtually? We bet you do! Send us a picture and we will post it in the Owlet newsletter! Please include your furry friend’s name and your first name and age. Let’s all celebrate the cozy things that quietly comfort us day in and day out!

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