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Love a tree today and everyday

The Lorax on Kid o InfoToday is National Arbor Day. Two of my favorite books are The Lorax by Dr. Seuss and The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. These stories remind us how important our tress are.

Get in a tree mood: Listen to C is for Conifers by They Might Be Giants on itunes.

Celebrate locally: RITree invites everyone to join in celebrating Arbor Day by watching the beginning of a forest, and by honoring the important work of arborists in Rhode Island. The staff at Goddard Memorial State Park and a team of RI arborists, with help from a small army of Tree Stewards, will plant up to 100 trees.

Everyone is invited to the Arbor Day Fair and tree planting. The event will showcase demonstrations by arborists, displays by tree-related organizations and information about proper planting and mulching methods. Raffles every hour, to give away a free tree. Come and learn what it is that arborists do, and meet the people who do it. This is a fair for all ages, so pack a picnic lunch and a blanket, bring the whole family, and enjoy this beautiful park on a spring day.

Arbor Day Fair and tree planting, sponsored by RITree
Saturday, April 26, 2008 from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm
Goddard Memorial Park, Warwick, RI

More Events: Earth Day Cleanup
Clean up events across the city take place throughout the week. Visit What Grows on RI for a listing of locations.

Although Earth Day was officially Tuesday, our trees need a healthy environment in order to grow everyday.

The Audubon Society shared some great ideas with Kidoinfo and below is a list of more ways to celebrate the earth I mentioned last year.

– Read The Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin.
– Shop at a local thrift shop. (Check Shopping at Kidoinfo).
– Keep stuff out of landfills, see free and barter sections on Craigslist or give and get “free stuff” on Freecylce
– Donate old toys, clothes, and furniture to a local organization.
– Grab a bag and put on gloves: help clean up your local park or beach.
– Start a “Trash” box. Save cardboard tubes, selected broken toys, etc., for future projects.
– Make “Treasures from your Trash” with your kids – create a robot, a house, etc.
– Take a walk in the woods.
– Have a picnic outside. Listen to the birds.

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  • Last Fall we planted about 20 trees on Ninth Street. It was a great opportunity to get our neighbors organized and actually meet some of them. All the trees were provided for free by PNPP (http://pnpp.org/). We just had to do some manual labor. Now our kids are excited to see the leaves starting to come out on the trees!