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Lunch: Make Mine Quick and Cute

By Katy Killilea

Commons Lunch on kid o infoRotating Dessert Case and Counter - kid o info

Commons Lunch in Little Compton, right on the town commons, is an adorable place to stop for a quick bite to eat with your kids. It’s open daily until 8:00 pm, so it’s not just for lunch. But no matter the time of day, it feels like lunchtime there.

A spinning glass dessert case and L-shaped counter with twirly faux leather stools make it the Platonic ideal of a luncheonette. Most of the customers appear to be regulars, sitting down and nodding curtly yet respectfully when the waitress guesses their order. (“Turkey club, extra mayo?” Nod.) The food is typical lunch stuff, and the children’s menu has everything you would expect: hot dog, grilled cheese, hamburger (most kids’ lunches cost $2.95, including fries). The regular menu is more comprehensive, with all kinds of sandwiches, fried oysters, lobster rolls, chowder, and something called shaved steak, served with baked beans.

We loved sitting at the counter with our grilled cheese sandwiches and icy cold cans of soda. We had to hustle along before we could dive into a slice of the twelve-inch-high layer cakes and assorted cream pies on the spinning display. When we go back, I’ll make sure we have time for dessert!

Details: Commons Lunch – 48 Commons Little Compton, RI
Open 6:00 am – 8:00 pm daily
Phone: (401) 635-4388

Photo Credit: Katy Killilea

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