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Make a Castle out of foam-board

castle1This D.I.Y. castle project requires a little bit of planning, measuring, and cutting with an Exacto knife by an adult. Kids can help by finding books about castles to use as references and by collecting their castle figurines and props to bring the castle to life. Kids can help decorate the castle once it’s cut (prior to attaching sides) with paints, paper, flags, etc. My boys were so eager to get on with playing that they chose to keep their castle white.

Foam board (I reused pieces from old projects)
Ruler, straight edge
Exacto Knife

1. Download castle template (Castle PDF) and enlarge to desired size (our castle measures 15″ square) or design your own.

2. Use a ruler and straight edge and pencil to draw four castle walls. Include doors and windows.

3. Use an Exacto knife to cut out doors and windows.

4. Paint or color the castle before assembly

5. Attach walls with packing tap or duct tape on the inside seems. I left one seam untaped so castle can fold up when not in use.

6. Add details (optional):
Flags: Bamboo skewers, colored paper (fabric and felt would work great as well)
Drawbridge: Attach with string

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  • anisa, you know that these are my favorite kinds of posts. i love the castle and there’s lots of space to move “guys” around inside.

    my fun tip is make extra flags and put them in your beach bag for summer sandcastle making. even a mound of sand looks regal when it has a flag.