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Make a Father’s Day Accordion Book

My boys and I started making simple accordion books for Father’s Day when they were one year old. It has now become an annual gift. I’m not very good at keeping up with a journal, recordkeeping or maintaining photo albums for my kids, but I do like to make things and this book project ensures that at least once a year I document my kids in some way – with handprints, words, photos, etc. This project can be as simple or complex as you want. Learn how to make your own accordion book first (see instructions from the Making Books website or buy a readymade accordion book from Rag & Bone Bindery.

Getting started:

– markers, paints, stickers, and colorful paper to collage
– glue stick or archival double stick tape (available at Utrecht, Staples, or Michaels)

how to
– Have your kids draw, write, or collage directly on the accordion pages or onto pre-cut sheets of paper (1/2-inch smaller than accordion page size).
– Glue or tape in finished pages and/or photos after they are done.

page ideas

– Handprints of your kid
– Recent photos of your child
– Children’s artwork
ask your kids to draw a picture of:
– I love my dad because…
– My favorite thing to do with dad…
– Self-portrait…

ask your kids questions and write them in the book:
– I love my dad because…
– My favorite thing to do with dad is…
– My favorite food is…
– My favorite book is…
– My favorite color is…
– My favorite toy is…

This project is also great for grandparents, teachers, and moms. My boys joined Rag & Bone Bindery and friends in February and made these lovely valentine accordion books for gifts. (see what they made).

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