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Make a Snowman without Snow



The traditional way to make a snowman is to head outdoors, roll a few snowballs, stack them up and adorn. If, however, you do not live in a snowy climate or there is no white stuff on the ground at present, here is an alternative snowman project for you and your kids.

Collage Snowman
Read Snowballs by Lois Ehlert for additional inspiration.

– old magazines, wrapping paper, or tissue paper
– odds ‘n ends like buttons, beads, beans, toothpicks, scraps of fabric, felt
– scissors
– glue sticks, Elmer’s Glue or Mod Podge
– construction paper or cardstock paper

– For young kids, it is helpful to precut 3 different size circles out of white paper. (Glasses, bowls and pot covers are great for tracing circles.)
– Older kids can trace and/or cut their own white circles out of paper or old magazines.
– Glue 3 circles to form the snowman body on blue colored paper or cardstock.
– Cut more shapes from magazines or add odds ‘n ends with glue to make eyes, nose, mouth, hat, scarf, and arms.
– Make one snowman or a whole snow family. Great for cards, to make a book, or to frame.

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