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Make it a Crafty Thanksgiving

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Making Thanksgiving decorations, paper turkeys and place cards are rites of childhood. Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving at your place or traveling to another dining room, your kids will probably be able to find work as ambience stylists. Pitch the idea to your kids (and your hosts) a few days ahead of the holiday and get busy with the construction paper, glue, googly eyes, pinecones, felt and–if the suction on your vacuum is up to it–glitter.

Crafty Ideas:

Tree of Thanks on Kidoinfo

Leaf Garland on Whip Up

Napkin Holders on Wise Craft

Finger Puppet Favors by Martha Stewart

Pinecone Turkey by Martha Stewart

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  • our kindergarten class made trees of thanks this week, except for my child who lay supine on the story carpet and got up only when it was time for a festive cookie. but this is to say, your tree of thanks craft is spreading like wildfire!

  • Fun projects!
    I especially love the Tree of Thanks, I’ll have to include a Kidoinfo leaf for all the great ideas throughout the year!