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Make your own Soap Box Derby Car

Soap Box Derby car for kid o infoStromer-Soap-Box-Derby

We took the boys to see the Red Bull Soap Box Derby races in College Hill last fall–totally fun. Many people traveled to Providence (from near and far) to partciapte in the event–and to create their own human and gravity powered cars, accompanying skits and costumes. Our kids came home from the event all jazzed to make their own vehicle variation and entertainment.

The boys used the base of my husband’s old land sailor–skateboard wheels attached to a piece of plywood–and attached their plastic toddler play structure to it with rope, taped streamers, signs and flags to the sides and named it the “The Silver Streamer.” Our driveway is long and provides plenty of space to race the vehicle around with assistance from dad.

At Kidoinfo we love creative activities that involve our kids at any age. So depending on the age of your children, how much time you want to spend or how handy you are with D.I.Y. projects, use your imagination to make this activity work for you. Keep it simple by using things from around your house–like attaching a wagon and a few flags to a bicycle–or build one from scratch. Detailed instructions available here from Eric Stromer, a dad and host of HGTV’s Over Your Head.

Image Credits: Photo on left, Anisa Raoof. Drawing on right, Eric Stromer’s Soap Box Derby plans.

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