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I know there is much debate on how much media time is good for kids. I agree kids should have plenty of opportunities for play inside and out. They should have time to be bored, use their own imagination and create their own worlds. tricky video bookIn our house media time means movies. Our boys care little for video games, electronic toys or educational computer games. They love movies; watching them, researching them, talking about them, making them. Movies seems to spark their imagination rather than stifle it.

So over vacation my boys were thrilled to use some of their free time out of school free of home work to indulge their passion. After receiving the Klutz Tricky Video book (I love Klutz books) they decided to make their own film with sound effects. Thanks to the book’s simple instructions, easy-to-use video technology (filmed with a Flip camera) and simple editing software (we used iMovie on our Apple computer) the boys spent an awesome morning making their own short film.


Storyboard for movie1. Storyboard. The boys used post-it notes to map out the video.
2. Gather props. They used a drum, pan, and spoon to make the special effect sounds.
3. Decide on roles. Camera man, special effects and 2 actors were needed for this movie. Luckily the boys’ grandfather was willing to participate.
4. Film and re-film. The boys would have liked to re-film some of the shots but since their grandfather was packing for home they had to work with what they had.
5. Edit. Load the film into iMovie (or other video editing software) and edit the movie.
6. Screening. Invite friends and family to watch the movie. Kids can make tickets, plan snacks.

View film here:

The Knock Out Kid from FlickFlack on Vimeo.

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  1. Elyse Major elyse says:

    wow! i have to get this book — we are planning a stop-motion movie using favorite toys. this will come in very handy! thanks for the tip.

  2. S says:

    we got that klutz book too, kids are in love with the included green screen.

  3. Anisa Raoof Anisa says:

    Great tips on the Klutz website as well. The boys were inspired by the basketball video and may attempt their own variation next.

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