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Maple Sugaring Season

We always welcome opportunities to share nature with our children and ways to discover where our food comes from. March is Maple Sugaring season. This is a great time to show your kids how real maple syrup is made and why every drop matters. There are a number of farms that will have special demonstrations this month including Coggeshall Farm Museum, a living historical farm set on 48 acres that have been cultivated by Europeans since the late 17th century.maple-sap

Join Coggeshall Farm as they celebrate nature’s bounty in the form of maple sugar – the time of year when the sap runs sweet from the trees.  Native people from Canada to Massachusetts have long celebrated the period called, “sugar month” or “maple moon”.  Depending on local climate, this period falls somewhere between mid February to mid April.  Learn how early Anglo Americans regarded and adapted this well established practice of distilling precious sugar from the sap of the maple tree.

Maple Sugaring Event at Coggeshall Farm Museum

March 21and 22 from 10am to 4pm
This event was February 21 and 22!
Demonstrations of the sugaring process from tree to sugar using late 18th century tools and techniques. Other period demonstrations will take place in the farm house.
Where: Colt Drive off Poppaquash Road, Bristol, RI 02809

Other Maple Sugaring locations:

– Harvest of Maple Sap Festival
March 14 from 1pm to 4pm
Listen to stories about the history of maple collecting in the Native communities. Taste delicious foods and drinks that include maple syrup. Participate in the maple sugar ceremony which includes social dances. Listen to flute music and traditional drumming. Visit our wetu site and see how our syrup is cooking down. Explore the museum. Create your own paper Makuk (birch container) for collecting syrup.
Where: Tomaquag Museum, Summit Road, Exeter

– Charlie’s Sugarhouse
Open Weekends in March, call first.
Where: 124 Hall Rd., Coventry, RI

– Gibby Fountain’s Spring Hill Sugarhouse
Weekends in March, call first.
Where:  522 Gardner Rd., Richmond, RI

Photo Courtesy of Coggeshall Farm

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  • YIKES!!! The Coggeshall Maple Sugaring was in February. Thanks for the heads up Marny. I have corrected the misprint where I can. Please help spread the word. We may head to the Maple Sugaring Tours at River Bend Farm in Uxbridge, MA now.

  • Not sure if Coggeshall is doing sugaring on March 21st & 22nd because they did it already on Feb 21st & 22nd and no mention on their site about March.

  • We went to River Bend too and had a great time. My 5 & 6 year olds really enjoyed learning all about the process and getting to tap a tree themselves. The free samples were yummy too and no admission here. The grounds are really pretty too with a very large pond here. Took many pictures but not sure how to post them on your site.

  • I just called Coggeshall and the dates for the maple sugaring were FEB 21 and 22. Sorry guys! But I gave them a heads up that parents still might show up this weekend. Darn, I wanted to go!

  • Last Sunday my family & I took the Maple Sugaring Tour at River Bend Farm in Uxbridge. (Someone else mentioned this one also.) My 6 year old twins LOVED it. It was a beautiful day and they learned a lot. We all especially liked the sampling at the end of the tour! 🙂
    here’s a link to their site- http://www.mass.gov/dcr/events/blst-mar.pdf

  • hi everyone, we took the kids to chepachet farms today to see how maple sugar is made. i thought it was really cool. we tasted the freshest syrup and bought some, too. only $18 for 32 oz! we are so having pancakes for tomorrow’s breakfast.

    check out http://www.chepachetfarms.com the property is very pastoral and pretty. llamas, chickens, horses.

    anisa — took lots of pics if you are interested in more details, i’ll be happy to write something.

  • We were looking for a good hike last weekend and decided to go to Riverbend Farm in Uxbridge, MA. They had the maple sugaring demonstrations as well and the kids loved it.

  • We have always enjoyed going to Charlie’s, that trip sparked our New England Tour of “where our food comes from” at our house.

  • We just took a field trip to a sugar house with my daughter’s school last week — such a fun time!!! We even got to taste some of the sap straight out of the tree, which the kids loved!

  • I always intend to do this, but never have. Now that you’ve spelled it all out for me, I think this will be our year! Thank you. See you in Exeter on Saturday?