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Me3’s The Thin King

Reviewed by Katy Killilea

Me3Cover400Kidoinfo’s huge crush on Dan Zanes aside, don’t you think the best music for kids is just regular good music? Kids love the Kinks, Spoon, Gnarls Barkley, and if they are particularly astute…The Electric Light Orchestra. Our family loves the Jason Kleinberg album called Happiness. It’s got infectious punchy beats, bird whistles, a tractor song, and a paean to Princess Leia. But there is an emerging snag. The lyric about noisy springs on the roommate’s bed in the song Springs on My Roommate’s Bed has begun to heavily pique one child’s curiosity. (“Why don’t they all just bounce on the bed together?”) What luck! Just in time, a new Kleinberg album is being released, and it is for kids.

This new album, The Thin King, is every bit as addictive as Happiness. Kleinberg’s music is right for families who like, yes, Dan Zanes, but also They Might Be Giants, Jonathan Richman, and other stuff that is fun while being smart. (This, as opposed to fun while being cloying, a combination that–to my ear–is menacing.) My favorite song on the new album is about peeling paint. Other songs feature an apple, a cow, and a thin king who is thinking. You can listen to many of the songs at the Me3 website.

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