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Meet a Parent: Anna Sawin

AnnasawinphotoNeighborhood: Southeastern, CT

Kidoinfo: How long have you lived in Rhode Island?
AS: I’m a native New Yorker, but I’ve lived in the border states of Massachusetts and Connecticut since 1989 AND I know what coffee milk is, does that count? My regular grocery store is in Rhode Island, so that practically makes me a native.

Kidoinfo: What is your current state of mind?
AS: Scattered, busy, fulfilled, and happy

Kidoinfo: Who’s in your family?
AS: Husband Brian, three-year-old Will, and 20-month-old Henry. And the world’s largest collection of toys cars and trucks, currently lying on my kitchen floor.

Kidoinfo: What trait do you most admire about your family?
AS: Our shared philosophy of inclusion–the more the merrier! We love visitors and it always feels good to have more people around the table. If it has been a quiet weekend, Will might say, “Who’s coming over today?”

Kidoinfo: What is your favorite thing to do?
AS: Observe my two boys playing together when they don’t know I’m watching.

Kidoinfo: Where is your favorite place to hang out?
AS: East Beach in Watch Hill ranks up there pretty high for me.

Kidoinfo: Where would you most like to live?
AS: Right where I am, with frequent trips to more exotic places, of course.

Kidoinfo: What do you like to do when you are not with your
AS: Pursue my passion for photography, read, play Scrabble and other games, spend time with my amazing tribe of girlfriends, and work at my part-time writing and editing job. I’d say blog and cook, too, but I rarely do those things without a child on my lap or on my hip!

Kidoinfo: What is the most overrated thing about parenthood?
AS: That you will somehow know the right answer. I don’t think I ever do.

Kidoinfo: What is your most treasured possession?
AS: The memories of these two rough-and-tumble boys as sweetly swaddled newborns in my arms. And my camera.

Kidoinfo: What superpower would you most like to have?
AS: Would it be silly to waste it on AUTO BUCKLE?! You know, the power to have everyone buckled into car seats with the snap of a finger!

No, really, I would like the power to pause the intensity of parenting two young children, escape for a few hours, and then magically get those hours back to comfort me when they are teenagers and don’t want to talk to me.

Kidoinfo: Who is your favorite fictional mother or father?
AS: Most of the fictional mothers I find most enjoyable are so utterly flawed that I don’t love them for their parenting skills! How about Elise Keaton from Family Ties? I always wished my mom could be that cool when I was a tween watching that show.

Kidoinfo: What are you going to do now that you have answered
these questions?
AS: SOMEBODY needs a new diaper around here, and it isn’t me.

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In the interest of community building, we will periodically profile a parent from our Kidoinfo community. If you want to share your ideas or request a questionnaire so that you can be considered for a future “Meet a Parent” column, please contact us!

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  • Anna and Katy, I’m so glad you’ve (virtually) met! We’ll have to arrange a real visit and let our little guys mix it up!