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Meet Dr. Alice Wilder

Today meet Alice Wilder, another panelist from the upcoming KidoConversation, Raising Kids in a Digital World. Please join us on Tuesday, May 25, at Local 121 for a fun night out; bring a friend or come solo. Click here for details.

ALICEKidoinfo: What neighborhood do you live in?
Alice Wilder (AW): I live in New York City right near the beautiful, ever-changing Lincoln Center.

AW: I was born in Hartford, CT. and grew up in Glastonbury, CT., an incredible family-oriented, play-in-the-streets kind of neighborhood — do those still exist?

Kidoinfo: How long have you been in NYC?
AW: I moved to NYC for Graduate School at Teachers College, Columbia University in 1991 and never left — so now I feel like a native New Yorker.

Kidoinfo: What is your current state of mind?
AW: Excited about all of the Possibilities!

Kidoinfo: Who’s in your family?
AW: My mom, my brother, sister-in-law, nephew, incredible friends and their many children that I am fortunate enough to be an “Aunt” to!

Kidoinfo: What trait do you most admire about your family?
AW: Playful:  Play to learn is my life and all the members of my famly exemplify that!

Kidoinfo: What is your favorite thing to do?
AW: Learn:  In all of its different forms — in play, through culture, in work, in relationships…

Kidoinfo: Where is your favorite place to hang out?
AW: My favorite place to hang out is wherever there are people that I like to hang out with:  in Providence, NYC, CT., Brooklyn, Nashville, Seattle, Los Angeles, Mass., New Hampshire, Amsterdam, England, all over the world!

Kidoinfo: Where would you most like to live?
AW: Where I am, in New York City with a house on the Ocean somewhere!

Kidoinfo: What do you like to do in your free time?
AW: Since I do not have kids I have lots of time to do things I love to do — bike riding, going to movies, seeing shows, going to the museum, going for walks, playing on my computer — but mostly I like to go visit my friends and their kids.

Kidoinfo: What is the most overrated thing about parenthood?
AW: The idea of ‘Balance’

Kidoinfo: What is your most treasured possession?
AW: My health.

Kidoinfo: What superpower would you most like to have?
AW: If I could fly I would be so happy!  I love the feeling of freedom and speed!

Kidoinfo: Who is your favorite fictional mother or father?
AW: Well, this answer may only make sense to me, because he isn’t a fictional father, he is a real father. But my answer is, Tom Hanks — or what I imagine Tom Hanks to be as a father.  The movie ‘Big’ changed my life and Tom Hanks’ character is what I modeled my career after.  So my answer is either what I think Tom Hanks is as a dad or what I think the writer of Big is as a dad OR what Tom Hanks’ character in ‘Big’ was like as a father!

Kidoinfo: What are you going to do now that you have answered these questions?
AW: Get on a conference call about another talk I have to give next week:  140 Character Conference.

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