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Meet Michelle Riggen-Ransom

Today meet Michelle Riggen-Ransom, another panelist and parent from the upcoming Kidoinfo event, Parents Using Social Media. Please join us on February 9 at Bravo Brasserie for a fun night out; bring a friend or come solo. Click here for details.michelle-riggen-ransom-web

Kidoinfo: What neighborhood do you live in?
Michelle Riggen-Ransom (MRR): Barrington. Also affectionately known as Borington and Scarington.

Kidoinfo: Where were you born?
MRR: Albany, New York.

Kidoinfo: How long have you been in Rhode Island?
MRR: Just over four years.

Kidoinfo: What is your current state of mind?
MRR: Pretty focused, actually. Just getting back in the swing of things from the holidays and feeling optimistic about work, started working out again (like everyone else!). That always helps me manage everything that’s going on in my personal and work life better.

Kidoinfo: Who’s in your family?
MRR: My husband Sean, my 6-year-old, Cole, and my almost 3-year-old, Sadie Robin.

Kidoinfo: What trait do you most admire about your family?
MRR: We tend to have a lot of adventures. The kids are both always up for most anything, and we love taking them to new places, trying new foods, just exploring.

Kidoinfo: What is your favorite thing to do?
MRR: Lately it’s to be home by our wood stove, writing, watching Dexter with my husband, or teaching my son to play Scrabble. In the summer it’s all about the beach, babies.

Kidoinfo: Where is your favorite place to hang out?
MRR: I’m at the Coffee Depot in Warren a lot. It’s so cozy there in the winter and I love all the characters who hang out there. Being newly obsessed with trying to eat more local food, we also love the Winters Farmers’ Market in Pawtucket.

Kidoinfo: Where would you most like to live?
MRR: Ideally we would be bi-coastal and live in Seattle (where my husband and I met, married, and lived for a long time) for half the year and on the East Coast the other half. We almost moved to Dublin instead of Providence, and that would have been cool as well.

Kidoinfo: What do you like to do when you are not with your kid(s)?
MRR: I love going out for cocktails with friends. Also, as any of these friends will tell you, sing karaoke. I’ve yet to find a good place in Providence, though!

Kidoinfo: What is the most overrated thing about parenthood?
MRR: Minivans.

Kidoinfo: What is your most treasured possession?
MRR: The camera my husband bought me and the pictures I take of my kids.

Kidoinfo: What superpower would you most like to have?
MRR: The ability to breathe underwater, but only if my son could too so that we could go explore the ocean together.

Kidoinfo: Who is your favorite fictional mother or father?
MRR: My very first favorite was probably Ma and Pa Ingalls. Those folks knew how to get stuff done, yet they still had fun and loved each other very much. Although, they were based on real people…

Kidoinfo: What are you going to do now that you have answered these questions?
MRR: I have a blog post that’s overdue, but I’m tired so will probably put it off until tomorrow. Good night!

Kidoinfo Presents: Parents Using Social Media on February 9, 2010. Please join us for an evening of conversation, food and cocktails.

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