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Milk Carton Crafts

Don’t know about you but we recycle a fair amount of milk cartons these days. With a milk-guzzling toddler and two tea drinking parents, it would perhaps make more sense to invest in our own backyard Freisian. In lieu of this, here are some pretty cool and unique ideas to turn your disused milk cartons into things of beauty and function. A lot of these ideas are simple enough for younger children to decorate, paint and stick.

DIY Milk Carton Planters

Bunny Planters


Milk Carton Pinatas


Carton Town


Recycled Carton Wallet


Dump Truck

Fotografie tbv Hobbyblad 47Gaanderen, 10 mei 2006

Hanging Lanterns


Birdhouse Feeder


Milk Carton Craft Boats

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