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Mixing Errands with Pleasure: EATS

by Katy Killilea

eatsEATS sits between our house and the Target in Seekonk so we’d gone past it zillions of times. The neon “Hot Wieners” sign never really called out to me until I won a gift certificate to EATS in a school silent auction’s “Eat Local” basket. Long story short, we went. We ate. We loved.

Why love? EATS is perfect for children who are along for Route 6 errands. It’s like Johnny Rockets, covering the five food groups: hot dog, cheeseburger, french fries, coffee milk, and ketchup. But EATS pulls this off simply, without any self-conscious retro styling. And it’s a bargain.

The cheeseburger ($3.60) on a squishy sesame seed bun was a hit, as was the hot dog ($1.70). There’s a list of hot dog toppings longer than our brains could process, and I had to ask for it to be repeated more than twice: Coney Island, ketchup, mustard, relish, cheese, celery salt…and some other stuff. A small order of french fries ($2.25) was large enough to split three ways. If you’re in the mood for jacksomething more outre, you can get a salad ($3 and up), a wrap ($4.55), or breakfast any time (omelette, $5 with home fries and toast).

The experience was straightforward and old-fashioned. Eating lunch as we did at 11:00 in the morning, there were many seniors at EATS, sharing club sandwiches and newspapers. The restaurant is sparkling clean and you can see right into the kitchen where food is cooked to order yet arrives faster than you can say “McNugget.”

But say your child is accustomed to getting a toy with his or her ketchupy Route 6-I’m so-tired-of-running-errands reward meal. Well, as luck would have it, EATS is adjacent to Cutie’s, a tiny but well-stocked stuffed animal store. If you stick to the adorable Japanese erasers ($1),  this wholesome meal + toy experience can be yours for less than the price of a Happy Meal.IMG_3205

The details:

1395 Fall River Avenue (Route 6), Seekonk, MA
(508) 336-4384
Hours: 7AM-3:30PM Mondays and Wednesdays. Closed on Sundays. 7AM-8:30PM other days.

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  • the east bay is like the other side of the world to me (i’m such a rhode islander) but i think i might just have to find an excuse to take a road trip and check out EATS!

  • Thanks Katy!

    We hit EATS for lunch on our way home from gymnastics today. Big hit, and you’re right – the owner is super nice. The twins want to go for breakfast tomorrow!

  • Love Cuties!!!! My girls love to go with their allowances. Great spot for birthday presents too. Locally owned by a fabulous mother/son team.

  • I’m so pleased you reviewed EATS! This place has been one of our “secret” family favorites since moving to Barrington. It’s like Kozy Kitchen with a twist. I haven’t tasted tuna sandwiches [like EATS’] since I was a kid. My husband goes nuts over their NY System-style dogs. And the smell of fresh wheat toast on wax paper sets me back about 30 years!