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Mom Essentials

By Nancy King

momessentialsHere’s a question: Is the line between order and chaos in your world an increasingly fine one? If you’re a mother, the answer may well be, “Of course.”

Well, here to the rescue is a nifty book called Mom Essentials: A One-Stop Organizer for Moms on the Move. It promises nothing less than being the busy mom’s ultimate personal assistant. I’d rather hire Zac Ephron for the job, but still, the book’s pretty amazing. There’s a week-at-a-glance calendar inside the left cover (pages and pages of them, actually, so you have the satisfaction of ripping off an entire week come Sunday), and catchy Post-it notes (“Multitasked out” or “Balance schmalance”) inside the right cover that serve as reminders wherever you need them. In between the covers is where you’ll find the real action: there are four tabbed sections that capture all the important stuff, from contact lists and to-do lists to shopping lists, menu planners, and more. There’s even a pocket at the end for stuffing in whatever it is you need to have handy (tickets, receipts, library cards…).

The people at Chronicle Books know design, so the package is predictably fetching and colorful and smart. As I flipped through the various sections, I was haunted by my own question: What if? What if I had used a resource like this to reinforce the line between order and chaos? It was fun to fantasize that I held in my hand the roadmap to a life that could have been, one that flows along with purpose and efficiency and without the constant hiccups, hassles, and frustrations that only mothers know about.

Is it too late for a personal assistant? I’m going to find out. Wish me and my purse-sized planner luck. And tell Zac Ephron to call me if he’s looking for work.

The details:
Mom Essentials: A One-Stop Organizer for Moms on the Move
By Amy Keroes
$14.95 Chronicle Books

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