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Mom’s Night Out with a Purpose

ModmamaRachel Brian of Mod Mama invites moms to her shop for a night out with a purpose. Thursday, May 10, 6:30 – 10 pm.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Mod Mama is pampering moms in the Providence area!

– free massages and makeovers
– raffle ticket to win a Mia Bossi diaper bag
– wine and cheese

$10 suggested donation goes directly to building housing for Dalit widows in India.
Mod Mama – 16 South Angell Street, Providence RI 02906 (401) 273-7800

Read about the Longitude organization…

HouseinprogresslogosmLongitude is a non-profit organization based in Providence, Rhode Island, devoted to supporting the work of ARV and thereby improving the lives of their clients. In 2003, Shawn Rubin and Laura Westberg (good pals of Mod Mama) embarked on an 18 month sabbatical, traveling around the world and volunteering for various non-governmental organization (NGOs). During their travels they were particularly inspired by the work of two social entrepreneurs.

One of these activist visionaries, Ravi Kumar, created the Association of Relief Volunteers (ARV), which works in the Southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Ravi and his fellow volunteers help impoverished Dalit (formerly known as Untouchable) villagers by running informational camps that offer medicine, food, and hygiene products to rural Dalits in villages where the government is not helping. In these rural areas Dalits still face crushing poverty and discrimination under the caste system, which has been legally abolished but sadly still exists.

Current Initiative — Dalit Widow Housing
The Tsunami of 2004 ruined a lot of housing along the coast of Andhra Pradesh, and ARV is focusing on providing shelter. ARV is targeting widows because they are the most at risk population. Women’s liberation is not widespread in rural India. A woman’s status and economic level are very much dependent on her husband, so a Dalit widow with no shelter has little hope of obtaining any.

ARV began building houses for widows this past January. Since then international volunteers and local volunteers have worked together to finish more than fifteen houses. These widows and their families are incredibly grateful, but the work is just getting started.

There are forty-eight Dalit widows in the village and more in neighboring villages. The cost to build a new house from local building materials is $500. These houses are being built with volunteer labor so most of the donation goes towards the purchase of building materials.

Can’t make it to the Mom’s Night Out, but want to donate? Click here to place a donation to the Widow Housing Initiative – your entire donation will go directly to this project.

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