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More Improvised Beach Games

Summer is only half over-that means there’s still plenty of time for more great beach days! Have some fun while you’re there with beach games from Katy Killilea. See more of her games posted earlier. Kidoinfo would love to hear about your favorite beach games-improvised or otherwise!

Equipment: none
Players: one adult, one child (or as many as you have).
How to: The children get in a line ten or so yards away from the adult. One at a time, they call out their “flavor” and race with all their might toward the Soft Serve Machine (the adult) who spins them around until everyone is excessively dizzy. If the child adds “with hot fudge” to their flavor, the spinning end with a toss into the water.

Equipment: no equipment
Players: one adult (The Octopus) and some kids.
How to: Perpendicular to the edge of the sea, draw two parallel lines with your toe in the sand. This is the Octopus Swamp. All children start on one side of the Swamp and run across together. The Octopus must stay in the swamp. Any child the Octopus can catch gets dunked in the water.

Equipment: beach towel
Players: one mighty adult puller, one rider.
How to: Have the rider sit at one end of the towel & scoot a little toward the center. The puller holds the long end of the towel by the corners and runs like crazy. This is esprecially fun if you have space to do lots of twists and turns and figure 8s.

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