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More Tools for the Parent: My Top 10 List

Here is a follow-up to Katys recent review of Tools for the Parent, Organized and Otherwise to let you know what works for me. I am definitely not super mom and not organized ALL the time, but these tools help me out most of the time. Please share your favorite ways to stay organized.

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1. All Out Of pads. Keeps my grocery list organized and now my kids are old enough to help out by adding to it every time they notice we are out of things like milk, cereal, ice cream, or bananasand cookies.

2. Sharpies.
I agree with Katy. Perfect for labeling clothes, Tupperware, lunch boxes, and more with my childs name.

Rubber bands, binder clips, and paperclips. Essential for organizing mail, homework word sorts, and sealing bags of chips.

327204774. Car Survival Kit. I used to keep a clean set of clothes in the car for the boys. Now I carry wipes, Kleenex, a first-aid kit, a bucket of books/toys, extra bags for trash or the occasional car sickness, paper towels, a blanket, and a flashlight.

5. Key box. A box by the front door where we store all of our keys. Saves me time in the morning because I always know where my keys are; not so true about missing gloves.

iPhone. This eliminates having a to carry a separate cell phone and calendar (PDA or paper). Now I have those plus a camera, music player, GPS device all in one gadget. I use iCal (calendar) on my iPhone and on my laptop. I created three calendars–home, school, work–color-coded each one so I can easily see what I need to do wherever I am – scheduling a doctors appointment, PTO meetings, or a business event. Plus you can get tons of free (or close to free) applications for you and your children everything from light sabers, local movie listings, to peekaboo barn and a baby schedule.

Tignanello-Purse7. Wall calendar. In the kitchen I use a wall calendar as a backup with pockets to keep track of event tickets and fliers by month and visible to anyone (my husband) who walks into the kitchen they can easily check whats on the schedule.

8. Zippered pouch by Balanced Design. Keeps my coupons, money, and extra Kidoinfo postcards handy.

9. Graph paper mini notebooks.
My favorites for doodling and list making are by moleskin or Clairefontaine.

10. The (almost) perfect
black purse. Even better when I bought one that was 40% off at Macys. Holds all my essential stuff (except for my laptop), including extra Band-aids, lip balm, Kleenex, a deck of cards, and retractable pencils for homework.

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  • I found the “tatoo” style to work pretty well. Kids don’t want to pick them off b/c they have the tatoo design on them, and they are a very thin, plasticy material that is pretty waterproof, and sticks very well.

    I also keep bottled water, a cup, a bottle, a very small stroller, and a prepaid calling card (for those no sevice on my cell emergencies)

  • I have not found the perfect band-aid. We have a variety of consolidated boxes filled with a variety of shapes, colors, and textures – everything from beige-colored to sushi or pirate patterned. Some work better than others but once I have taken it out of the wrapper I do not always remember what kind it is was in the first place. I do like the flexible fabric ones but I will pay better attention in the future so I restock with the best ones!

  • are the band aids pictured (“flexible fabric”) especially recommended? we’ve had a lot of duds lately: the clear ones don’t stick. The “nex-care” (sp?) don’t stick. The original bandaids stick TOO much & hurt.

  • high on my list?
    BAND-AID hurt-free cleansing + infection protection foam

    around here we refer to it as “blue foam” it’s for cuts and scrapes and doesn’t sting. i have a bottle in my car, in my home. it’s great.

  • I always have “all out of” pads too! They are lifesaving at the grocery store. We usually get them while on travels to other parts of NE. They are mostly sold near Boston but you can check http://www.knockknock.biz for other locations. I couldn’t find any in RI.
    And I love the car survival kit! Why didn’t I ever think of that? Genius guys… just good stuff here.

  • I’m missing so much–especially in my car. People like me need people like you parked close by–or maybe I just better stock my car today.

    Don’t forget the Rhodia pads!