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Mother’s Day Gift Idea

IMG_4014 copyI love having flowers inside and outside my house. So do my mom and mother-in-law.

A great gift idea for moms or grandmoms is a pot of flowers for their front porch, back garden or window sill. Potted flowers will last much longer than cut flowers in a vase. And adding a personalized touch by their kids or grandkids is a special bonus. (Apologies to my mom and mother-in-law for spoiling their surprise!)

Ready-made: Visit your local garden center or grocery store and buy pre-potted flowers.

Easy DIY:
Buy a terracotta pot or planter and some plants at Home Depot or local garden center. Have your kids help you plant the flowers in the pot. They will love getting their hands in the dirt and they will feel like they helped “make it.”

: Read below on how to paint your own terracotta pot. When the planter is dry, fill with dirt and your favorite mix of flowers.

DIY | Painted Terracotta pot

what you need
– terracotta pot (We found ours at Ocean Sate Job Lot. It was a bargain, 9-inch tall pot for $2.69, and there were lots of sizes to choose from.)
– water based polyurethane or concrete paint/sealer to waterproof inside of flower pot
– paint (You can either buy special paint for terracotta or use acrylic craft paint – available at Michaels Craft Stores.)
– brushes, sponges, and plastic tray for paint
– flowers (We bought ours at the Ann & Hope Garden Center in Cumberland, RI.)

how to
– Seal the INSIDE with oil or water based polyurethane or concrete paint/sealer. Let dry.
– Optional — paint the pot (we painted ours white) and let it dry or go with the natural terracotta color.
– Let kids paint whatever they want on the pot with brushes or sponges or use a sponge to put paint on their hands and then help them make handprints on the pot. When the paint is dry, I used a Sharpie marker to write the kids’ names next to each handprint.
– Spray or paint on a clear sealer over the pot to protect the paint. (Available at Michaels Craft Stores or your local hardware store.)

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