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Mother’s Day: Make a custom CD or load her iPod with her favorite songs

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and I was thinking about the different gifts my boys have given me over the years. Since my children love to make things they think I will like (and I’m lucky my husband is happy to facilitate this), I have amassed an eclectic gift collection.

cd-coverMy boys made me a mixed CD (pictured) for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago based on the theme of “LOVE”. They picked songs I love, songs about love, and songs they love to share. Creating a custom playlist for an iPod or CD reminds me of the mixed tapes I used to make for friends or for special occasions like a road trip or party. Coming up with the perfect mix and decorating the tape cover was always a blast.  With today’s technology it’s even easier to make your own mix from your CDs or buying music from iTunes–finding the time is another issue.

The CD cover was created by my son. Although his drawing is simple, it’s packed with meaning. Each family member is drawn in our favorite color, dancing to music.  I adore and treasure these sentimental gifts from my family.

Here is my Mother’s Day playlist:

1.    Can You Feel the Love Tonight? / Elton John
2.    All You Need Is Love / The Beatles
3.    If I Didn’t Love You / Squeeze
4.    I Will / The Beatles
5.    You’ve Got a Friend / James Taylor
6.    If Your Love Is Real / David Gray
7.    Love Will Tear Us Apart / Joy Division
8.    Love My Way / The Psychedelic Furs
9.    Genius of Love / Tom Tom Club
10.    Baby I Love Your Way / UB40
11.    Do You Love Me / The Contours
12.    I Sure Love Pancakes / Mark Wekaland
13.    Better Together / Jack Johnson
14.    More Than This / Natalie Merchant & 10,000 Maniacs
15.    Beauty and the Beast (Reprise)  / Disney

CDs also make great party favors. We create a custom CD every year for my sons’ birthday parties based on the boys taste and or theme of their party. It saves us from doing goody bags.

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  • This is a great idea.

    Another idea…I just made my mother-in-law a photo slide-show of a recent family trip with them with music using Windows Media Player.

  • do you really bend over like that when you dance, anisa? (i’m assuming you’re the pink person on the CD cover.)

  • this is a great idea and it also shows that the boys know something about you as a person by the music they chose. looks like you are raising some cool little dudes. rock on!