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Mother’s Day Wish List

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Many fond childhood memories I have of my mom involve time spent baking and crafting together, and her ability to know the right thing to say when I was having a bad day. Now that I am a mom, I can only imagine how busy she was back then, juggling life’s many responsibilities, and I suspect she was often hoping for a little time off.

One of my favorite gifts as a mother is the gift of time—I never seem to have enough on any given day—between the kids, school, chores, and work. So my wish list would start with a little pampering and be followed by something handmade by my kids (a tradition in our house) and then time spent with family as well as time all to myself.

My wish list:
• Sleep an hour later than usual
• Breakfast (made by someone else) on the porch (away from the kitchen and the dishes)
• The laundry washed and folded (the day before)
• A family adventure—maybe letterboxing
• Time for myself to take a walk, go for a bike ride, work in my garden, or read a book

Gift ideas…
• Something handmade by the kids such as a card, book, or photo (printed out NOT on the computer)
• Spa gift certificate for a massage, facial, or pedicure (Alayne White is devine)
• Gift certificate to The Mixing Table (great to go with a friend because you can visit and then leave with a week’s worth of prepared meals)
• Photo charm necklace from Planet Jill
• An iPhone, pre-loaded with music and all my contacts at my fingertips (I admit I am a geeky mom)

I invite all the moms to share their wish list in the comments below, and then press “email this post” to the person in charge of planning their Mother’s Day with a note attached that specifies your top picks on the list.

Moms are special (I know mine is). Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11.

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  • Top on my wish list is the composting bin Michelle mentioned in her earlier post. Also, an extra hour (or two) of sleep, a barrage of homemade Mom’s Day cards, and some free time to hit the local thrift store circuit….maybe a Target run too. What a glamorous life I lead!

  • I’d like to go to Three Rivers in Warren at 7:00 or whenever it is that they open with my whole family and I’ll have the black bean fritters and a pot of the strawberry rhubarb jam just for my own use. Then I’ll read the newspaper in my gift, an Adirondack chair–better make that two– on the deck and look up periodically to see the rest of the family play in a distant part of the yard. Then a babysitter will come and a bunch of husbands will take me and my peeps out for dinner at New Rivers.

  • Def. one more hour of sleep for me too! A long walk, a picnic, family time without running errands included, just relax with my daughter and husband. Call and visit my mom and bring her more plants or trees for her garden. (my gift selection starting around 12 yrs old still continues as tradition)
    I am not into big presents – I am too practical and just want to put money in the college fund!

  • For the past 4 years, my boys, husband, dog and I spend the day on the beach in Newport. We get ice cream, have dinner, walk around the harbor. Rain or shine. It is just us with no commitments! It is my favorite day of the year.