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Movie review sites for families

Movie FilmCommon Sense Media: Non-profit, non-partisan website. Includes critical reviews, lists potentially objectionable content, and age appropriateness. I also like that they recommend older movies and classics, too, not only what’s playing now. Also has reviews of other media like TV, music, websites, and books. The only thing that’s odd are the “on,” “off,” and “pause” symbols for ratings.

Kids in Mind: Lists of movie and DVD releases. Reviews of movies are based on comprehensive details about content, not the quality of a movie.

FamilyStyle Movie Reviews: Find out about movies available on video and showing in theaters. There’s also a Kids’ First area with suggestions for favorite videos for young kids.

Kids First!: Search the site database for info on videos and CD-ROMs. Be sure to check out the “Hot picks of the week,” and the video clips for Quicktime and RealPlayer.

Movie Review Query Engine: When you want to find every review available, use the Movie Review Query Engine (MRQE).

NY Times Family Movie Guide: Find reviews for family films before watching.

IMDB: Use the Internet Movie Database when you need to know movie trivia, like who wrote the film score or what other movies the star appeared in.

Find Local Movie Showtimes:
Google.com/movies: Enter your zip code and find what’s playing near you.

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