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Mud is Cake

Looking_for_PiratesThe world of make-believe for children usually starts around 2 to 3 years old. Often it takes a mere suggestion, like “Pretend you are a fish swimming in the water,” or a simple prop like a Frisbee for a steering wheel and kids are off on an undersea adventure or driving a race car.

As parents, we tend to get busy with laundry, carpools, work, etc. — and escaping into the world of make-believe with our kids sounds indulgent. Our kids (well, mine do) beg us to be a part of their made-up world. I remember when I was a kid making mud pies and having tea parties in the bushes with my best friend Alison — we became queens of faraway lands or astronauts in outer space.

Now that my boys are six and play more independently, I am not invited to be part of EVERY adventure. But it’s still nice sometimes to escape the stress of having to be a grown-up and make-believe that our couch is a pirate ship or our living room is really the jungle.

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