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ARTPlay: Music in Art – Red Hawk

By Marianne Ruggiero
Coordinator of Family Programs at The RISD Museum

Here is the second part of this months Artplay series.

An Interview with Red Hawk
Cliff Matias is the Director of Red Hawk Native American Arts Council and member of the Cheyenne nation. Red Hawk is based in New York City.

Red Hawk SpearRed Hawk War Dance

ARTplay: Where does the name of your group come from?
Cliff: From a beautiful bird of prey native to North America. Birds of prey are special to Native Americans. We honor them.

ARTplay: Why did you found Red Hawk?
Cliff: To help educate the general public about Native American culture and to provide Native American artists with ways to earn income.

ARTplay: What is the most special concert you have given?
Cliff: All of our concerts are special, but performing for ex-president Bill Clinton and for the Prime Minister of South Korea were two very special occasions.

play: How about the upcoming concert at RISD?
Cliff: We are excited about coming to Rhode Island. It will be the first time our group has performed there all year.

Red Hawk MaskRed Hawk-1

ARTplay is a monthly column written by Marianne Ruggiero from The RISD Museum in which various themes and activities will introduce kids and parents to the museum’s collection both online and off. Each month Kidoinfo will help spark your children’s interest in art – they can learn about different works at the museum and download a related activity to create offline. Be sure to visit the museum and explore the art in person. On Free-for-All Saturdays (the last Saturday of every month), kids may continue their exploration through a variety of hands-on workshops, performances, videos, and special gallery quests throughout the day. The RISD Museum – 224 Benefit Street, Providence, RI

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